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Third Watch - 01

The storyboards contained on these pages are shooting boards.

Now this was a great assignment.
I went in and met with the director who spent about 20 minutes going over the ideas he wanted incorporated in the sequence that I was storyboarding.
He had movie clips and tons of photo reference on where the scene was happening.

After going through everything I went to the art department and laid out about 40 frames that afternoon and then took them back to the director to see what needed to be added or deleted.
The director wanted to slow time down a bit in a few places which meant adding frames in several places

After getting his feedback on what I had done, I drove home, took a nap, and at midnight, I started lightboxing the layout frames onto new boards because there were about 20 frames that needed to be added throughout the first 30 frames I had laid out.
Towards the end of the sequence there were fewer added frames so I was able to just tighten up the original layouts right on the pages where I had laid them out.

I started out OK but working on a lightbox tires my eyes a bit and I wound up spending about 10 minutes on each completed frame as an average time.
For the last 10 or 15 frames i was drawing right on the original layouts but I lost some of the feel that I'd had from working on the lightbox.

I took the frames back in at noon that day, got the frames checked out by the director, added three more frames on separate pages and was done with the job.

The actual script changed for the final shoot changing the scene radically from what I had laid out - Instead of Davis shooting the biker they added a police sniper who actually shot the biker sniper and they decided against using shots of pedestians and their reactions - so these frames don't show very much of what the actual filmed sequence looked like but it was still a great assignment.


Here is a page of the original layout frames

Third Watch - 01 layout frames

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Third Watch - 01

The storyboards contained on these pages are shooting boards.


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