...level path
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"...level path" follows the lives of five friends who all have varying degrees of 'need to serve a cause.'

The stories will change focus from character to character but the center of the group is Matt Johnston, a young man just started out on his own who finds out over time that growing up is more than a matter of just getting older.

Matt's discovery of religion will be the source of his personal growth. Unlike so many of us, Matt will see beyond immediate personal gain and be concerned with the long term consequences of his actions.

Matt and his friends will all be shown to be people of good but occasionally flawed character, seeking their own "level path" through life.

To be fair with all of you, this whole concept came on me by surprise and there are a lot of "ducks to get into a row" here - following the calendar year in the cartoons most importantly.

I just started drawing and never stopped to think exactly *when* I would start posting these so I most likely won't be in sync with the seasons until early February. which is as far ahead of this as I am now.

I'm looking at the calendar and think I might be able to shoehorn in a few new strips for Christmas and New Years but that's a coin toss at the moment.

As to the 'humor' aspect of this, I'd like there to be some laughs in this but anyone who has ever read a daily comic strip knows that "comic" refers to the genre much more than the actual humor content of the strip.

Since Matt is the focal point of this comic strip, some may wonder why he isn't in the very first sequence.
The answer is that I wanted to do some sequences before Matt's inner search begins
- which were the very first four strips that I did -
and at this point Madison and Cammi (their first appearance and I neglect to have them call each other by name - yikes!) are less tricky for me to write than Matt is.

That all said, I hope that you visit this area of my website often and have a good time doing so.

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New installments go online between midnight and 3 Am EST
Six days a week - Monday through Saturday until the time that I get it together to do a color Sunday strip.


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